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Emilio & Brodie


Sean Cody wrote:
From the beginning of his first visit, Emilio let us know he is a thrill seeker. He loves to try new things, and he was so comfortable sitting there with Brodie that I wondered whether or not he might have been in this position before.
“Have you ever kissed a guy?”
“Actually, yes I have," he replied, laughing. "Just curious and alcohol!”
“That sounds like a frat house event.”
“Well, actually it was a frat party but it wasn’t my frat.”
I have a feeling there was more to that story too, but Emilio seemed pretty excited about the cute guy sitting next to him, so he didn't elaborate.
Brodie is also very adventurous, and loves fucking. In fact, it wasn't long before Brodie's muscled body was fucking Emilio's beefy butt so intensely the bed was shaking!