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Corbin Fisher wrote:
Julian has a lot of energy! He has so much energy that we may have to keep him fucking 24/7 just so he can sit still for five minutes at a time. He's such an enthusiastic guy, but he's always in motion. I'm surprised the camera can stay in focus on him!
Julian was a late bloomer – he didn't have sex until he was 18. An older woman seduced him on his way home one day. They ended up hanging out for a couple of months after that, but Julian broke it off.
He's currently dating a girl, but she's completely cool and supportive of his CF education. In fact, she's already asked if she can see this video. He said she could, just “not during movie night with all our friends over!”
They work different schedules, so he has to either coordinate or wake his girlfriend up to have sex. Julian prefers 69 to any other position.
He's straight but, he didn't seem uncomfortable with the idea of some guy/guy action.