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Dru & Joseph

From Corbin Fisher:
Joseph sits on the couch outside playing with himself through his pants. He says he's nervous, but he seems pretty relaxed. Dru comes over and sits down next to him, and Dru admits he's been looking at porn in the corner, getting excited himself.
Dru tells Pete he's always excited to top new guys for the first time. As he eloquently puts it, “It won't be like a hot dog being thrown down the doorway.” He's a romantic one, that Dru!
He kisses Joseph and takes off Joseph's shirt. Dru tells him to stand up and flex. Dru kisses the Joseph's toned triathlete body. Joseph gasps a little as his stomach is kissed. It's clear there is a real chemistry here. And now that Dru's taken the lead, Joseph is eager to submit to a more experienced guy.