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Jake & Taylor


From ChaosMen:
Once again I am trying to push the boundaries of what we can do with the Glory Hole.
Jake said he actually used his phone in a similar manner to catch someone's attention that lead to a similar circumstance. I'm not real big on 'plot' because it makes the video so much bigger and longer to download. Most of the time we get right down to it.
So it is more of a fantasy setup for the shoot and quite brief.
Taylor was in the mood to Use and Abuse and Jake was quite happy to be dominated.
Fucking through the hole is always a challenge, but I want to get at least one position in it, and well, that's how it would go down in reality. Since we have open space, we move over to the floor and Taylor fucks him properly and unmercifully on his back and doggy style.
Actually fucking on a hard floor is a bit challenging, but Taylor and Jake both work it pretty good.
In the spirit of Used and Abused, Taylor breeds him, leaving Jake with cum dripping out his ass.