From Corbin Fisher:
Aside from being tall, dark and handsome, Kellan has a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. He keeps his thick muscled body in shape by running or swimming if he can find a pool. Since he obviously likes water, I figured we'd start him out by sending him to the shower!
Kellan gets a grin out of Pete's question about why he's wearing clothes in the shower. He quickly gets his shirt off, giving us a look at his beefy pecs and tight abs. Kellan does almost everything with a smile, whether it's flexing his muscles or measuring his dick for us.

Chris Summer


Super hot, muscular str8 lad, Chris Summer, oils up his incredible body, flexes his big biceps for us, gets rock hard in his shorts, before taking out his big thick uncut 8 incher, jerking off in diff positions, till he shoots several hard spurts of spunk over his amazing abs. Awesome!


Sean Cody wrote:
Life isn't fair.
That's not a complaint, just an observation. Some guys can go to the gym for two hours a day and never be ripped. Others never pick up a weight but still have a perfect body.
Andrew is definitely in the latter category.
"I don't really work out," he said with a smile.
But like most 21 year olds, he does maintain a very active lifestyle. He's an avid fisherman, he loves soccer and surfing, and he eats a healthy diet. You'd think that he is in the gym everyday, once you seem him naked.
He is defined and muscled, perfectly proportioned, with rippled abs, a great ass, and a big dick. Since he wasn't used to "structured" workouts, we decided to have him do some push ups... naked of course! He must have been turned on by it all — his dick was getting hard as he pushed up and down!
"I can't go all the way down because my dick is touching the floor," he laughed.
"That's okay," I said. "Just don't break it, I'm not done with you yet."
He was very attentive to his cock. It constantly leaked precum. He'd milk his cock while he stroked and played with his balls. And his load was huge!

Aiden & Cain


From Corbin Fisher:
It's the matchup I've been waiting to see … and I bet more than a few CF fans out there have been waiting for this as well! In this corner, wearing nothing – Cain! And in this corner, also wearing nothing – Aiden!
These two muscle gods joke around and laugh before they start their scene. Once the clothes come off, though, it's no joke how hot these guys are for each other. Aiden compliments Cain on his massive chest, and strokes his uncut cock. Cain says, “Look who's talking!” and jerks Aiden's cock in return.
Aiden was hesitant about full-on guy/guy action when he first came to us – and now he's taken to it like a champ! He sucks Cain's thick cock and kisses his chest and nipples. Cain spits on Aiden's dick and sucks him hard.
Cain gets so turned on sucking Aiden's long cock, he moves straight into a doggy-style position. “I want you to fuck me,” Cain says. Aiden's got no problem with that!
“That's so tight!” Aiden says as he works his big cock into Cain's ass. Cain moans with intense pleasure. He's able to take Aiden's entire cock. In fact, Cain actually backs up into Aiden to get it fully inside him.
Aiden fucks Cain deeply. “You're so fucking big!” Cain says. Aiden does pushups on top of Cain, driving it all the way in. It's been a while since Cain's bottomed, but he's loving Aiden's dick inside him. Aiden pushes deeper, driving Cain wild with ecstasy.
Cain tells Aiden how much he loves that big cock pummeling his ass. Aiden slows down and thrusts it slowly in and out of Cain's perfectly muscled butt. Cain's almost getting fucked off the edge of the bed!

Isaiah & Kristopher

Isaiah is still up for Topping and even sucking dick, but not ready to bottom.
Thankfully Kristopher likes to do anything and everything. He has a touch of bi to him. Moooostly straight, but he really thought Isaiah was a hot dude.
And frankly, I think Isaiah thought Kristopher was a nice looking guy too. He really liked Kristopher's ass because he had smooth cheeks.
It always surprises me when two guys suddenly have instant energy, and these two go at like they are hungry for each other.
Isaiah has the perfect size dick for hitting all the right places. Kristopher had doubts that he could cum while being fucked again, but as soon as Isaiah started pounding him, he turned to me and said, "No problem."
Isaiah is great at cumming and breeds Kristopher then makes out with him with heated energy!

Philip, Cain & Kenny

Ever wonder if they guys in our videos watch their own scenes? Sometimes they do … and sometimes the results are even wilder than the original video!
Philip and Cain are hanging out and watching Philip's video of the first time he got fucked – and of course, Cain was the one who first fucked Philip. They talk about how much fun they had with each other. Cain mentions it would be hot to reenact it, and Philip says adding in more guys would be great.
Kenny walks in and sees what the guys are up to. Cain tells Kenny they'd love to re-enact the video they're watching with another guy. Kenny's more than willing! As Cain and Philip's video plays on the big screen, Philip and Cain strip Kenny's clothes off and prepare to add a new twist to the scene.

Jess & Curtis


Sean Cody wrote: You can tell when Curtis is nervous — he goes silent and twiddles his fingers. Maybe it was because he knew how big Jess' cock is... but, then again, he's had some whoppers and always seemed to enjoy them! Jess noticed and started rubbing his shoulders, making him feel more comfortable. I didn't want to put too much pressure on Curtis right away. Jess kept rubbing on Curtis, getting him naked, laying him down and massaging out some tension in his back and butt. Curtis was well aware of how big Jess' dick gets because he likes checking out the new guys on the site! Once Jess' cock came out, Curtis was all over it. His eyes teared as he deep throated Jess' cock all the way down to the balls! Curtis was obviously more relaxed at this point. And that is what I wanted. You want to know when Curtis is not nervous? His cock stays rock hard as he gets thoroughly fucked!

Tommy & Vince

Tommy Dubois and Vince Demerit are something like Videoboys ideal models. Young, hung, cute and frisky. Neither had ever done a duo video before but we had a good feeling about each of them individually so we put them together in the room to see what would happen.

Now if I could only use one keyword to describe the atmosphere of the scene it would have to be "HARD". Honestly both of them were hard from the first kiss during the photo shoot and remain rock hard through the interview, through the shooting of the scene and even when they took a five minute bathroom and drink break. Watch the scene from start to finish and I would challenge anyone to find a moment when they don't both have raging hardons. It's a beautiful thing when two beautiful twinks love to fuck as much as Tommy and Vince.