From ChaosMen:
Wow! Corey is so adorable!
You can tell by his photo series he is a happy guy. If he isn't smiling broadly, then he has an endearing tilted half smile- like he is up to no good!
Corey loves Winter sports like snowboarding and takes every chance he can to hit the slopes. I suspect he misses a few college classes if the powder is just right.
He is into Latin girls with big booties, and of course, likes it doggy-style.
He says he jacks-off three times a day, and I believe it. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but you you can tell this guy knows how to work his equipment.
He is confident enough with it that this video is one where you can tell he is playing to you, the audience, having a lot of fun showing off, and just aching to bust a nut. He has to slow down a couple times while jerking because he was close to cumming.
He says he has always wanted to do porn, straight porn of course, but finds the money in gay porn more appealing.
Not sure how far he will push his limits. I think I can get him to receive head, but beyond that, time will tell.
For now though, this is a rock solid solo with a dude who is totally into showing off for you!


Kent is rarin' to get naked! He's definitely not shy and wasn't nervous about showing off for our cameras. He used to run competitively in high school and he works out 3-4 times a week at the gym. All that exercise definitely makes his body worth showing off!
Kent has a great smile and sense of humor. He kids around with Pete about his favorite exercises at the gym being ones on “tits and ass days.” When he takes off his jeans, he says we'll see if his “ass days paid off.” I think everyone will agree they do!
He has an amazing treasure trail leading down from his belly. Once Kent gets good and hard, he measures his cock for us. Then really gets down to business.
The great thing about Kent (aside from his muscles and cute face) is that he truly gets into stroking for the camera. He plays with his balls, his shaft, his abs. He does all the things you'd want to do if you could get your hands on that big dick.
Kent lets his thick cock smack back against his stomach a few times. He jerks his cock some more, and watches himself stroke in the mirror. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he says. Kent's feet even lift off the floor as he jerks himself closer to coming!


From Maximo Latino:
We welcome Dominic to Maximo Latino. This Argentinian hottie definitely fits the description of tall, dark, and handsome doesn't he? Dominic loves to take his time and works-up his cock at his own pace. As this muchacho flips over we discover his serious fat-ass that I'm sure many of you out there would love to press your meat-monster into! You got to love the natural ass hair, so many of these Latinos leave us just enough hair to worship and obsess over for a lifetime. Enjoy amigos!


From CruiserBoys:
Peter is just one of those type of guys that has it all...and we all want in our bed. Handsome, curious, nice athletic lean body, great uncut cock, sexy eyes, the list goes on. Verbally Peter doesn't say much but we think the fire is definitely burning on the inside. Sit back, grab the lube and have your BF stroke your cock while you get-off to Peter.


From HardBritLads:
Stunning new lad, Darius, proves that often good things come in small packages – at 5 foot 6, he is only a little lad, but to say he was perfectly formed would be an understatement. Super fit Darius, only 19, has been doing lots of sport and gym since he was a teenager, and he has the most perfect little body ive seen in a long time. Firm pecs and super tight abs, more of an eight pack than a six pack, with lean muscular legs too. His arse, like the rest of his body, is smooth, pert and perfect. Darius is extremely cute, with piercing blue eyes and as if that wasnt enough, he has a very big uncut cock too. Yep, he is pretty special. And you will be pleased to know, this little stunner loves to get fucked, and he goes for older, muscular guys with big cocks. I have a few in mind..

Bezza Daniels

From EnglishLads:
Straight Hairy hunk Bezza has been one of our most popular lads and after a short break he is back to show off his body; its looking as good as ever a great combination of muscle, hair and hunk and he is only too happy to show it all off and reveal he has really missed doing these shoots. I mentioned to Bezza people loved him playing with his foreskin so there is plenty of him pulling his foreskin over his finger and of course loads of him playing with his lovely massive erection! For those ass lovers Bezza puts on a great show, luckily his hole is not as hairy as his chest or you wouldn’t be able to enjoy his wanking hole! Lots of teasing and playing around later and Bezza lies back and shoots lots of cum all over his chest.



From Corbin Fisher:
Rudy is a tall, buff swimmer with surfer hair and beautiful, soulful eyes. He lifts weights to stay in shape. And as he slowly strips off his shirt and jeans, we get to see every inch of it!
He hasn’t jerked off in a week, and this stud loves to go commando. Too bad today Rudy wore boxer briefs – but I think we can get him out of them pretty quickly.
Rudy says he’s still a little nervous. He doesn’t have any problem flexing his biceps for us, and it’s no wonder he gets compliments on those beautiful guns.
He moves onto the bed. Rudy is more than ready to rub one out for us. He licks his fingers and lubes his dick that way. He jerks his cock up and down, sometimes leaning it to the right.
Rudy moistens his fingers again. Those are some lucky fingers! He squeezes the base of his shaft and his nuts and shaft bulge deliciously. He rubs his pecs as he strokes his cock.
Rudy moves over to the edge of the bed as he edges himself to an intense orgasm. He shoots a thick load that streams over his fingers and onto his abs.
He keeps rubbing his cum-covered cock. Rudy says he can’t really remember what he was thinking about as he came, that it was all a blur. Maybe he can jerk off again … just to refresh his memory!



From ChaosMen:
Wesley is 19 and married already. I think he has baby too. Sounds like things are already rocky between them, so in addition to his full-time job, he is willing to do some adult work to help ends meet.
He and his wife used to do cam shows together, and I think he did solo stuff too. Don't ask where or what his stage name was, I never got it from him. Not even sure he is doing it still because the burn out time on doing that kind of work is pretty fast.
The good thing is he is very comfortable in front of the camera. A little quiet to start with as he is not used to having to make noise.
This is a rather long solo, as I try to take hints from the peanut gallery to show the guys going from soft to hard. I usually tell members that it can take a long time and will stretch a simple jerk-off video to the length of a sex film, and this one does push it over the 20 minute mark. Twice the normal time of a solo.
But you do get to see his dick wake up in Real Time as he coaxes it to full hard-on status.
Wesley is real good at paying attention to the audience and I think after he got hard he just didn't need the porn playing for him. A true Exhibitionist, he loved showing off for you all!
His cum shot is pretty hot. A major load from someone who is used to producing a lot of sperm between fucking his wife and cam shows.
Pretty sure he will let a guy blow him, but I think beyond that we might have to wait a long while to see.


Sean Cody wrote:
There's just something about sexy little farm boys!
Taylor's family owns several hundred acres of farm land in the south. He enjoys the country life, but once he graduated from high school, he couldn't wait to take a year off to travel — and that brought him to us.
And he does have a dirty streak... When you live in area where the nearest neighbors are miles and miles away, what do you do? Trade dirty pictures of yourself on your phone, of course!
"What is the dirtiest thing...?" I cautiously asked about photos he has received.
"Cucumber in the ass... pretty dirty," he responded.
"Wow! That's impressive," I joked. "Depending on the size of the cucumber. What is the dirtiest thing you've sent?"
"Nothing too dirty, you know, some nut on my abs..."
So he's a bit of a bad boy with a sweet face and a very hot, athletic, toned body who doesn't mind sending out pictures of his cock!