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From Chaos Men:
For some reason I really like Burke's interview. It's ironically my favorite part of his jack-off video.
Oh it's the same 'ole questions, but his voice is really pleasing and his demeanor is friendly and happy. You can tell he feels a little goofy jacking-off or flexing for us, but it is all done in good fun.
He is 6'3" and he has about 9 inches of cock on a good day. Today was definitely a good day, as we get to watch him take it from soft to hard in real time. It gets big!
Burke has a lean frame, but nicely muscled from all the outdoor sports he does. When I asked him what sports he liked, I figured it would be basketball, but the kid likes to rock climb and mountain bike.
The girls he likes are the sporty kinds, ones that will climb his pillar with him, or hit some single track with knobby tires.
He does a fine job showing off his cock, he admits to have a bit of exhibitionist streak in him. He does.
Nice load on him too, considering he had had sex the night before!