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From Corbin Fisher:
Smoking is bad for you. I don't smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. But after shooting Aiden's solo … I need a cigarette. Right NOW. Aiden is one of the hottest, most engaging and flat-out amazing guys we've ever had at CF. He's got superstar written all over him.
Aiden's smile is boyish and charming. His body is built like not one, but two or possibly three brick houses. If there is a god of college jock guys, he just sent me the answer to a lot of people's prayers.
This outgoing 23-year old lifts weights at the gym three hours a day. It shows. He's also an artist and juggles his free time between drawing and working out. I'm curious about what Aiden likes to draw. Maybe some nude self-portraits if we're lucky! 
Aiden's had his first sexual experience when he was 17. He met a girl at a party and they went to her house. He said it was over too quick - “I was a 'two-pump chump.'” I don't think anyone could ever classify this hunk as a chump! He laughs a lot and seems very comfortable in his skin. He clearly enjoys his life, and his sex life.