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Julian & Brody


From Corbin Fisher:
Here at CF, we're definitely giving thanks for our new freshman, Julian! The wiry and sexy newbie is causing quite a sensation here. I couldn't be more pleased!
Before the scene, he and Brody show off their footwork on the soccer field. It's a gorgeous sunny day and the guys work up a sweat. Things get even hotter when it's time for their photo shoot! They get hard and pull down their shorts to reveal some impressive athletic equipment.
Once they get inside, Julian's confidence and enthusiasm are evident. He's looking forward to fucking Brody. Julian says he knows a few people who are going to be jealous. Brody smiles and says, “That's good, lets make 'em jealous.”
Brody kisses Julian deeply as his hands move down the front of Julian's jeans. He quickly gets the jeans off Julian, so he can suck Julian's dick. Julian's cock is already stiff as a board. Brody goes down on him, playing with Julian's balls as he sucks.
Brody teases Julian by licking his cockhead and shaft with his tongue. Julian moans with pleasure. Now it's Julian's turn.
Julian's cock is rock hard as he grips Brody's cock. He strokes Brody's dick before sucking it. Julian jerks his cock as he sucks Brody. He kisses and licks his way up Brody's ripped abs to his nipples.