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Sean Cody wrote:
Ultimate fighting is something that can have a lot of homoerotic elements. The sweat, body contact, and the fighters are usually very hot... like Bernie, a trained cage fighter. And, he’s good. He admits to not having lost a fight yet and doesn't see it happening anytime soon.
He’s got a great body, exotic masculine features, a warm smile and beautiful hazel eyes. He’s in amazing shape but you’d expect that from someone who trains for fighting competitions a minimum of four days a week.
“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”
“I would say, jumping off a cliff is pretty crazy, into the water,” he replied. “For me, that was an extreme one.”
It was extreme for Bernie because he’s not a huge fan of heights. When we went for a hike, just walking across a suspension bridge gave him butterflies. It seemed a little funny to me because he’s this big tough fighter guy – seemingly afraid of nothing. But, he definitely doesn’t like things that are out of his control.
“Are you nervous at all?”
“Um, a little bit, but, kind of more eager… anxious.”
“It’s one of those things you can check off and say hey, I jerked off on camera.”
“Yes,” he said with a huge smile.