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CJ Crawford

From Randy Blue:
CJ Crawford has a very different look for a Randy Blue model. But you know we always like to try featuring different kinds of guys. He's got this adorable mop of spiky dirty blond hair and just enough facial scruff to be called a short beard. His handsome features will grab your attention right away. Then he strips down and you get a look at his lightly furry body. Luckily his light body hair doesn't cover up his sexy tattoos, but it's lush enough that you just want to run your fingers through it. His hard cock jutting out just asking for attention while he runs his hands over his nicely formed pecs. This is his first time jerking off in front of a camera crew but you'd hardly know it. He works that dick of his like he's the only one there, letting out his soft breathy moans while grabbing his nuts with one hand and stroking his shaft with the other. Then he flips over and gives you a good show of his hot little hole while he c! ontinues to work his pole, giving you full view of his balls and cock while you admire his sexy ass. And when he finally hits the brink he unloads his hot creamy spunk all over our gym floor.