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Corey served by Eli


From ChaosMen:
Corey did so well with his solo that I was really excited to have him get head.
Eli was available, and I just forget the boy has no limits. Ass eating, cumming in the mouth. Hell, he even gets turned on sucking dick and eating cum enough to bust himself.
As for Corey, he starts off quiet, and his dick droops here and there, but a few quick glances at the porn and he wakes back up.
He lets go throughout the video, getting more and more into it.
Eli flips him over and Corey gets his salad tossed.
Since I knew Eli will take a load to the mouth, I wanted to make sure everyone was in place instead of Eli just trying to make him cum.
Corey ramps up and the first spurt goes wild, but the rest dribbles onto Eli's chin and on his waiting tongue.
It takes Eli a minute and Corey actually eggs him on to cumming.
After editing this, I decided I better get Eli to do more Servicing of the new guys. He just takes it like he hungers for it all!