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From ChaosMen:
Wow! Corey is so adorable!
You can tell by his photo series he is a happy guy. If he isn't smiling broadly, then he has an endearing tilted half smile- like he is up to no good!
Corey loves Winter sports like snowboarding and takes every chance he can to hit the slopes. I suspect he misses a few college classes if the powder is just right.
He is into Latin girls with big booties, and of course, likes it doggy-style.
He says he jacks-off three times a day, and I believe it. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, but you you can tell this guy knows how to work his equipment.
He is confident enough with it that this video is one where you can tell he is playing to you, the audience, having a lot of fun showing off, and just aching to bust a nut. He has to slow down a couple times while jerking because he was close to cumming.
He says he has always wanted to do porn, straight porn of course, but finds the money in gay porn more appealing.
Not sure how far he will push his limits. I think I can get him to receive head, but beyond that, time will tell.
For now though, this is a rock solid solo with a dude who is totally into showing off for you!