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From Corbin Fisher:
Rudy is a tall, buff swimmer with surfer hair and beautiful, soulful eyes. He lifts weights to stay in shape. And as he slowly strips off his shirt and jeans, we get to see every inch of it!
He hasn’t jerked off in a week, and this stud loves to go commando. Too bad today Rudy wore boxer briefs – but I think we can get him out of them pretty quickly.
Rudy says he’s still a little nervous. He doesn’t have any problem flexing his biceps for us, and it’s no wonder he gets compliments on those beautiful guns.
He moves onto the bed. Rudy is more than ready to rub one out for us. He licks his fingers and lubes his dick that way. He jerks his cock up and down, sometimes leaning it to the right.
Rudy moistens his fingers again. Those are some lucky fingers! He squeezes the base of his shaft and his nuts and shaft bulge deliciously. He rubs his pecs as he strokes his cock.
Rudy moves over to the edge of the bed as he edges himself to an intense orgasm. He shoots a thick load that streams over his fingers and onto his abs.
He keeps rubbing his cum-covered cock. Rudy says he can’t really remember what he was thinking about as he came, that it was all a blur. Maybe he can jerk off again … just to refresh his memory!